What is behind the design of a logo?

To start we are going to define what a logo. In its context, a logo can be defined as a compound word of logo more type.

The logo is a way to figurative or non-figurative, which is the graphical representation of a concept, a product or a company. And on the other hand we have the type, is not more than the name of this concept, product or company. Saying so sounds very theoretical and boring.

But we are going to develop it with the closest examples, explaining what each item separately, and together.

Logo design

Examples of logos

We put as an example brand El Corte Inglés, the graphic representation of the company in its logo would be as follows: logo is the green triangle, and type the name El Corte Inglés. In this example the type acquired more value than the logo since it is a custom font and would run with or without your logo, It even takes the value of the two, logo and type.

Logo design

If we make the comparison of graphical representation of two company making a different brand use could speak of Adidas Y Nike. Nike only presents products with the logo without the use of the name "Nike". On the other hand, Adidas always presents your products with your logo, I mean, the two concepts together.

Logo design

A very close and famous example in the representation of the type as a representation of the mark would be Facebook, where it is not necessary for the brand to represent your product with a logo, your type has such force that only the letter lowercase f is sufficient to run logo.

Diseño de logotipos

From aulatina we take very seriously what is the design of logos, Is the brand or the company, that part of the success is that the logo is easy to easy to identify or associate and representative.

What we like to do logo design in particular is that it is easy to use, both the separate type and vice versa logo. Do a logo that is impossible to separate into its two concepts isn't good. Since, When it comes to give different uses are required always to be logo.

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Aulatina logo design

In the design of logos we try to not go to the obvious. In some cases, the use of letters or initials to represent a concept or a company is a mistake. It will never be as simple a job behind the brand positioning.

In other cases, We are looking for the way to differentiate ourselves from the competition without falling into the elements of applications more everyday.

An example would be a real estate, where a very large percentage of companies in this sector use always the same elements: roofs of houses, buildings, etc. They are elements that clearly identify what the business, But this, from the creative point of view, It makes it very difficult to differentiate from a competitor.

Whenever we do this type of work we deliver several alternatives to choose, and the option more according to the brand performed several variations, either their form or colour.

Once defined the design of logos we make what is called a corporate manual. This manual is a guide to make the customer clear which are the uses that can be given to the logo and what not, the used fonts, and several

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Logo design
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