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In Aulatina we adapt to customer needs. Creative specialists in web design at your fingertips. Your web especially economic and profitable.

Web design, Online Stores, and web programming.

More than 14 years of experience in the field of web design, Aulatina guarantees the perfect realization of your web project. For this we have a team of professionals covering all their needs more efficiently and giving you the perfect solution.

Thanks to our team we cover entire area requiring a Web development:

Graphic design / Web


Web programming


Development shops Online


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And of course I checked all domains requesting both generic (.with, .net, .org, .is, etc.) and international
(.from, uk, .fr, etc.) and we offer the hosting that best suits your needs.

We also work with popular CMS and currently used for web design and e-commerce in which we also have years of experience: WordPress and Prestashop.

Now, with your website or online store We give you your app hybrid.
Please contact us for more information and conditions.

Budget request by calling to the 952 608 896 / 695 551 758,
either write to us using the form below and we will respond in the greater brevededad. Thank you.

Aulatina offers the perfect solution for your web project

Data collection

We try to guide our clients the best way of organizing information for either a web or graphic work.

Presentation Sketch

We present several alternatives before starting work on the final design, thus our customers can bring their creativity to the process of creation.

Final artwork and details

Once the work is completed within the agreed time, there is a period of testing or review by Aulatina and the customer so that everything is perfect.



Aulatina offers the following services:

Installation, maintenance, development and web design WordPress, o a medida.

Development and design of Virtual Stores (electronic commerce) with Prestashop or as.

Marketing Networking, maintenance of social networks for businesses.

Development of applications for iPhone, iPad and Android.


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Design & Shopping Online
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