Web positioning

The first thing a website owner should look with SEO is to get quality visitors to reverse a profit. Concepts such as link popularity, showiness and other objectives are secondary.

Search engines are constantly changing and evolving. Their search algorithms are changing, thus pages should be adapted to the new circumstances.

Searchers highly value the content, originality and simplicity of a web site. The user simplicity and simplicity to the search robot often go hand in hand.

Search engines take into account the age of the domain. If two sites of equal quality websites, It will be first the oldest in the top of the searches.

External links to our website are really important. Especially the quality of sites with similar themes to ours. The more technology is used in the most difficult we make pages seekers. Abuse of JavaScript and Flash makes it difficult for a search engine we "understand".

Técnica Seo

Technical process which results in changes in the structure of the web to improve the SEO of the same.

Adwords google

Pay per click, more guarantees have positions in the sponsored links of Google.


Plan a campaign by creating an image for the media: tipo banner, button, skyscrapers, pop-up, etc.

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Web positioning
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