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In Aulatina we adapt to customer needs.

Web Design Málaga

Current web design trends are flat and bright colors or basic colours of the chromatic scale, combined with two complementary colors. In this aspect of development it is not enough to have a spectacular or functional web. A website has to be well optimized for Google to index it correctly is not enough to make a design of web pages in WordPress as in Prestashop even your website developed to measure and wait to load fast, We deliver all the projects that are optimized to the maximum, in another aspect, a web page must also be responsive, I mean, adapted to all mobile devices and tablets with a good experience for the user as a cluster or easy menu navigation.

And if you want to reach more customers please note web positioning in Malaga or Marbella, not only we zonal SEO even if your business covers more than one province or national, If you want to audit your website here to see if it is well optimized, and as a result to see if Google is giving you the importance you deserve, do not hesitate to contact us. It is a completely free service without prior quotation. It relies on the experience of who you can help.

The final result is a review quality


Short Google URL removed

In 2009 developed Google short URLs. It was a way of helping users to share links and measure traffic more easily. Since then, they have arisen many services URL short Google. And the way in which users find what they seek on the Internet also has changed in a very different way.

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Influencer marketing influencer or influential marketing is still one of the last operations of marketing used by companies to promote their products. But before there is a question that should be taken into account before thinking about entering the influencer marketing, and we know what is an influencer.

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Benefits of having a blog

How many times we have made us the same question. I have a blog on my website? Definitely Yes. Many are the benefits of having a blog on a web. And above all, because we generate dynamic content on our website, what Google has in mind for the positioning.

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Web design Y graphic design in general if forgetting us of the SEO a perfect trio

Creative design specialists at your fingertips. Your web especially economic and profitable. Web design in Malaga and Marbella also, is no problem if you're elsewhere in the Costa del sol also offer services of marketing and positioning SEO and we can help if you need social maintenance of your networks at a low cost.

Web design

More of 10 years behind us in the field of the creation of not only Web design, to adapt the needs of the customer to your website or Web pages to transmit the best image for your company online and much more.

Web positioning

Create your marketing project real can your web is optimized so that google has it better positioned to consult our expert SEO and marketing for free, and combine it with the management of adwords ads, general Internet marketing.

Graphic design

We design your corporate image or logo by setting a line on which your company will be also represented by a concept that is in particular an own communication tool, We create your brand identity.

Community Manager

Responsible for the internet online for your business community, create and otherwise maintaining social networks or social marketing is to create content for these social networks in format different text, photography and video.

Web development for your projects that will come out of the standard

Web Design Málaga, Marbella Web Design, Web positioning
We are in Marbella and Malaga, Now we can offer our services to all our customers in all the costa del sol.
Our professionals will see them both at the offices of the Center Malaga and Marbella Agency.
Posicionamiento Web Málaga


In Aulatina we also offer:

  • Installation, maintenance, WordPress development and design.
  • We create and customize WordPress Plugin custom.
  • Assembly and design of virtual shops based on Woocomerce and Prestashop or custom.
  • Marketing NetWorking, maintenance of social networks for businesses.
  • Building applications for iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Design of logos with full corporate manual.
  • We make hybrid Mobile applications at competitive prices.

Logo design

What is behind the design of a logo?


Your website with current standards

Web design more customized web programming,
comprehensive care of Internet and communication.

We are dedicated to the design of web pages and to create websites with current standards (PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS3) of Internet projects, where in addition offer your web CMS's such as Prestashop and WordPress platforms and custom pages, and if you want a natural SEO costs without any consultation with our professionals how to optimize your website, question which is natural SEO or organic SEO.

Aulatina.com is more than just design websites.
We are in the Center and also in Marbella


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